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Clenzology Clenzology Tooth Solution

Clenzology Tooth and Gum Solution is discontinued. However, we have found a replacement product!

Glacial Blue Tooth Oil

Completely natural and free of chalks, abrasives, sugar, and fluoride - Glacial Blue will change the way you brush. Say good-bye to that old tube of toothpaste and discover the amazing benefits of brushing with Glacial Blue.

No more inflamed and bleeding gums! The natural anti-bacterial properties of Peppermint and Spearmint Oils in Glacial Blue cleanse the mouth and freshens your breath without toxic chemicals or harsh abrasives. This powerful formula eliminates harmful bacterial buildup in the mouth, yet is gentle on your teeth and nourishes the gums.

Amazing Benefits of Glacial Blue Tooth Oil

  • Natural toothpaste alternative - contains NO toxic chemicals or harsh abrasives.
  • Proprietary blend of great-tasting peppermint, spearmint & almond oils - works long after brushing and keeps breath fresh for hours.
  • Powerful healing properties nourish and support teeth and gums - helps fight cavities, remove plaque and stop painful tooth caries.
  • Natural anti-bacterial action fights bleeding gums, gingivitis & gum disease.
  • Replaces chemical-based mouthwash and sugar-laden breath mints. Safe to swallow after brushing to soothe throat and alimentary canal.

Glacial Blue Ingredients

The powerful healing properties of essential oils have been known for centuries. Glacial Blue is a proprietary blend of Sweet Almond, Peppermint, and Spearmint Oils.

Sweet Almond Oil, the carrier oil for this formula, is known for its penetrating and nourishing properties. Peppermint Oil is an effective cleanser and detoxifier making it especially useful in cleansing the teeth and mouth. The natural analgesic properties of Peppermint Oil help to relieve toothaches. Peppermint oils have the capacity to stimulate the lymph system and aid in digestion. The aroma of peppermint and spearmint is refreshing, rejuvenating and stimulating.

Good oral health is critical to maintaining your overall health and well-being! Try Glacial Blue today and experience the incredible benefits of this powerful formula!

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