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MegaFood Adult B-Centered

Megafood  Adult B-Centered Supports Healthy Cognitive Function

  • B Complex vitamins to support health of the nervous system
  • Delivers methylated forms of Folate and B12, plus the active forms of B2 & B6 for optimal benefit
  • Includes 200 mg of Bacopa extract, a traditional Indian herb known to promote mental clarity
  • Plus L-theanine & lemon balm extract to promote a sense of inner calm and mental alertness. Perfect for those who are “wired and tired
  • 2 tablets per serving — Take anytime of day, as needed


An increasing number of consumers are requesting supplements containing methylated forms of B vitamins. It is estimated that around 40% of the population may have one or more genetic variations that affects their methylation ability. For those who cannot properly methylate vitamins, they need to take methylated forms of Folic acid & B12.

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