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Immune Take Care combines multiple revered herbs to promote healthy immune function through multiple pathways.

The antioxidative constituents in Elderberry unite with those in Black Currant to provide complementary immune-supportive benefits.

Our Austrian-sourced Elderberry is grown for optimal potency and delivers bioactive anthocyanins at clinically supported levels to support the bodys natural immune defenses.

Black Currant extract supports healthy microbial balance, a healthy inflammation response and helps to maintain normal cell growth.

A unique membrane extraction and use of ZERO solvents delivers the full-spectrum benefits of our active ingredients in their natural profiles.

Membrane extraction is purely mechanicalpushing fruit through a very fine filterso its simple, pure, and uses no solvents or evaporation. The unique process filters out sugar molecules while allowing the fruits natural proportions of beneficial phytonutrients to be delivered. Compared to whole Elderberry and whole Black Currant, these extracts have the same profile of rich chemistries, but are highly concentrated for your maximum benefit.

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