Magnesium Citrate 400 mg
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Olympian Labs Magnesium Citrate 400 mg

Olympian Labs Magnesium Citrate Benefits Include:

  • Supports Nerve, Muscle & Heart Function
  • Bone Strength Support
  • Helps Regulate Blood Glucose Levels
  • Citrate Form for Easy Absorption

One of the most taken supplements today is magnesium citrate. It is an antidote to stress, the most powerful relaxation mineral available, and it can help improve sleep. Magnesium is one of the most abundant minerals in soft tissues and is a vital catalyst in enzyme health. Magnesium supports in maintaining healthy energy levels and proper calcium absorption.

About 15 percent of the general population has a magnesium deficiency. Many eat a diet that contains practically no magnesium a highly-processed, refined diet that is based mostly on white flour, meat, and dairy (all of which have no magnesium). Magnesium functions in the conversion of carbohydrates, protein, and fats to energy and also helps regulate blood pressure and blood glucose levels.

By having a bottle of Olympian Labs Magnesium Citrate in your household cabinet, you will never go wrong!

Vegan, Non-GMO, Allergen-Free

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