Omega 3 Once Daily
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Omega 3 Once Daily
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Minami Omega 3 Once Daily

Miami Omega 3 Once Daily Optimal EPA DHA Formula

Omega-3 is a premium Omega-3 supplement utilizing supercritical CO2 extraction technology that delivers 800mg of Omega-3 nutrition in a convenient, once daily serving. With unsurpassed purity levels, Omega-3 offers a clean, orange flavor with no fishy aftertaste. Omega-3 is the solution for those who seek the benefits of increased EPA consumption, specifically for cardiovascular health, cognitive function and mood. With 580mg of EPA and 130mg of DHA, Omega-3 provides high concentrations of Omega-3s (80%) in one single softgel.

EPA has been found to promote a healthy circulatory system and consequently a healthy heart, support proper immune function, support joint flexibility, promote good mood and emotional well-being and is essential for learning and focus. Research shows the benefits of EPA consumption in individuals over the age of 5 or 6, showing anti-inflammatory and mental-emotional benefits.

EPA and DHA, both Omega-3 fatty acids, have been found to act very differently in the body. Advanced Omega-3 research suggests that a high concentration of EPA, along with DHA, can support mood, cognitive function, and cardiovascular health. Most early research on fish oils focused on the many benefits of DHA, but increasingly, EPA has come to the forefront. Where DHA is important structurally (especially when you are very young), EPA is a more functional Omega-3 fatty acid. Additionally, EPA can be converted into DHA as needed by the body.

Minami offers formulas with unsurpassed concentration levels, which means more Omega-3 nutrition, no fillers and fewer capsules to take. Minamis patented Supercritical Dual-Process CO2 technology gently and safely concentrates Omega-3s, yielding unique selectivity of the most biologically active Omega-3 fatty acidsEPA and DHA. Using less heat, less repeat processing, and natural Carbon Dioxide as a solvent, allows Minami to reach peak concentrations of 95% Omega-3, omitting superfluous fats and fillers. Minamis products are so highly concentrated that you need only two capsules per day. With other leading brands, you need to take three, four, five, even six capsules of fish oil to achieve our beneficial dosage.

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