Gall Bladder Surgery

Have you had Gall Bladder Surgery?

Are you thinking about Gall Bladder surgery?

Many people who have Gallbladder surgery have digestive problems afterwards. This is because the gall bladder holds bile in reserve to feed into your stomach when you eat something that is hard to digest. Before your surgery, you hurt because the gallbladder contracts to release the bile and irritates your sore or blocked gallbladder. After surgery, many people still cannot digest fats, dairy, complex proteins like meat or beans, and vegetables, because they do not produce enough constant bile drip to digest these foods, so they have severe intestinal diestress and diarrhea after they eat these foods.

So is the situation hopeless? NO!

IF you eat a reasonably careful diet before your surgery, avoiding fats, dairy and other things that your body struggles to digest, and you take probiotics and enzymes to help your body to rebuild your digestive system, you may be able to avoid the surgery entirely!

After your surgery, IF you take probiotics and enzymes, to rebuild your digestive system and to do some of your digesting for you, and avoid the foods that your body finds especially hard to digest (like fats, dairy, beef, pork and beans) you can live a normal and comfortable life.

Primal Defense is a probiotic which contains naturally occurring live biotics, designed to support normal intestinal comfort and function, and promote healthy intestinal elimination regularity and consistency.!. Most people with digestive problems can tell a difference after just a few days on a good probiotic!

Omegazyme is the most powerful enzyme product on the market. For people with under-performing gallbladders, or no gallbladder, the lowered levels of enzymes in our systems can cause:  excessive gas and bloating, diarrhea, heartburn, low energy, yeast infections, stomach cramps, depression, insomnia, high cholesterol and many more.

I tried many natural and prescription products for my severe digestive problems, which only got worse after my Gallbladder surgery. Now I take these products and my digestive health has changed dramatically.

You can find these products on this page, or click on the links below to read more about them: