Healing From Toxic Mold Exposure

Information about Healing from Toxic Mold Exposure

Toxic Mold is now being referred to as a "pandemic" in America. Some researchers are even suggesting that toxic mold is now more dangerous than pesticides and heavy metals because of the way that it mutates, and because it blocks basic biological functions in the body like protein synthesis and antioxidant effectiveness.

One of the major problems with toxic mold exposure is that it is a ghost. No one believes that they are really affected, and the medical community is not looking for it when diagnosing illness. However, it is there, it is real, and it is deadly. It can cause upper respiratory problems, pneumonia, sinusitis, kidney or liver infection, autoimmune disease and even cancer.

My husband and I have been infected by toxic mold exposure and I can assure you that first discovering that mold is the problem, finding a doctor who will treat you, and then healing from mold sickness is no laughing matter. If you have even the slightest concern that you may have mold, or even just a leak, in your environment do NOT ignore it and assume you are ok. Call a mold inspector NOW! Our mold was not like the one in the photo. We never did see the mold on the surface of the wall. However, it was inside the walls and had grown up around us to be a mold cocoon.

I want to make one point perfectly clear: it is not the mold that you can see that is the problem. The dangerous part of mold is the invisible mycotoxins that permeate any wall or barrier (even the firewall between two apartments) and get into your sinuses and your blood stream. Please follow my blog as my husband and I try to heal from this life-threatening illness.

Toxic Mold Part 1 - Discovery and Evacuation

Toxic Mold Part 2 – Diagnosis and Symptoms

Toxic Mold Part 3 – How to Fight Toxic Mold Sickness in Your body

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