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Organic Bone Broth Protein by Jordan Rubin and Dr Josh Axe

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Organic Bone Broth Protein is perfect for those looking for an organic and more substantial bone broth protein. Organic; Non-GMO; Paleo Friendly.

Throughout history, bone broth—the simmering stock of bones otherwise discarded—has been a daily part of life, celebrated by cultures around the world. Not only does bone broth add depth of flavor to recipes and meals, it also imparts significant and broad health benefits that are now capturing the attention of millions. Bone broth may be the “hottest trend in health” today, even though it is centuries old. Could it be the missing link that you’ve been searching for?

A quality Bone Broth Protein Powder (not to be confused with bouillon cubes, which are packed with artificial flavorings and sodium) comes with the same benefits of a homemade broth, but it’s also just as tolerable for digestion and versatile in so many recipes. In addition, Bone Broth Protein supplies 20 grams of muscle-building protein to support healthy muscle building and maintenance and metabolism.

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