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Minami Prenatal

Minami Prenatal Support Formula

From the start of the third quarter of a pregnancy until 18 months DHA is an essential nutritional component for the healthy development of a baby. Pregnant women lose up to half of their own DHA reserve, and supplementation during pregnancy and breastfeeding is typically recommended as a result.

DHA has been found to be essential for memory and cognitive function and supportive of a healthy pregnancy. The visual and brain development of fetuses and infants is dependent on DHA. DHA is also known to reduce the harmful effects of stress and support a healthy heartbeat. Our bodies actually convert EPA into DHA, but not the other way around. Research shows benefits for pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as children ages 0-5 who take a supplement containing a higher amount of DHA to support growth and development.

Minami Nutrition is a premium line of Supercritical Distilled Omega-3 Fatty Acid supplements, sourced from fish and algae. Minami is the only company to provide 100% Supercritically Distilled Omega-3 fatty acids, providing the most highly concentrated and the purest Omega-3 oils on the market.

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