Garden of Life RM-10 120 Caplets

Dairy Free Gluten Free Soy Free 
RM-10 contains a combination of 10 organic medicinal mushrooms, and Uncaria tomentosa to aid the immune system. RM-10 now contains a highly absorbable form of selenium. Selenium supports immune cell function and response.
Garden of Life RM-10  120 Caplets
RM-10 120 Caplets
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Garden of Life RM-10 120 CAPLET SIZE

Food For Your Immune System

Gluten Free

Voted the best immune booster by the staff at Health Food Emporium
  • Garden of Life RM-10 Contains 10 Certified Organic Mushrooms
  • Garden of Life RM-10 Exhibits Powerful Immune Modulatory activity
  • Garden of Life RM-10 Increases overall Energy and Enhances Immune Functions
  • Garden of Life RM-10 Contains Peruvian Healing Herb Uncaria tomentosa (Cat's Claw)
  • Garden of Life RM-10 Utilizes Exclusive Poten-Zyme Process
  • The new formula of RM-10 now contains a highly absorbable form of selenium. Selenium supports immune cell function and response.

What is Garden of Life RM-10TM
For thousands of years people have used herbs to promote healthy immune system function and ward off many diseases. RM-10 is a combination of 10 certified organic medicinal mushrooms synergistically balanced with the healing herb Uncaria tomentosa (Cat's Claw). These unique nutrients have been specifically chosen to feed and nourish the immune system. Each of the powerful ingredients in Garden of Life RM-10 have been pre-digested using the Poten-Zyme process of bio-fermentation, enhancing absorption and utilization while also providing beneficial probiotics and enzymes. Garden of Life believes that RM-10 is creating a new standard in immune system supplementation.

Why take Garden of Life RM10
Medicinal mushrooms have been used traditionally for thousands of years for their remarkable healing potential and are now being validated by medical science for their tremendous therapeutic value.

The Multi-Compound Approach
Many nutritional immune formulas primarily focus on a single compound vs. a "multi-compound" approach. We believe however, that the beneficial effects of these compounds are greatly enhanced when they are used in combinations, permitting synergistic interactions to occur. RM-10 was
specifically created to be a multi-faceted support system.

For much of the last hundred years science has been searching for a cures. Most of the research has been focused on finding a "magic bullet" in the form of an antibiotic, vaccine or anti-inflammatory. All the while, inside our own body lies the most powerful cure for what ails us, our immune system. The immune system is a person's primary defense against disease.

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