Beyond Organic Chocolate

The organic dark chocolate is made in italy with flax seeds, Omega 3s, probiotics, fiber and antioxidants. It is GMO free. We had a chance to try this at the convention, and it was fabulous!!!

  • USDA Certified Organic Dark Chocolate with Flaxseeds
  • Hand Crafted by 5th generation Italian Chocolateirs
  • 1000 mgs Omega 3
  • Contains Probiotics, Fiber and Antioxidants
  • GMO Free

This formerly forbidden food is now made healthy with beyond organic probiotic chocolate. Research spanning the last decade now shows that chocolate contains antioxidants called Flavinols. But this isn’t just any chocolate, hand crafted by 5th generation Italian Chocolatiers beyond organic chocolate is loaded with fiber, omega 3’s, probiotics and an unmistakable taste that only the finest chocolate can bring. Now you can consume dark chocolate, probiotics and the super food flaxseed all in one delicious treat and you can consume it everyday. No guilt all heathly 100% delicious beyond organic probiotic chocolate.

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