Beyond Organic Reign Infusions

Reign Infusions are this perfect spring water infused with fruits or an uplifting spice combination.

Reign Infusions combine the purest mountain spring water with clinically studied botanical extracts to support your good health. Reign Botanical Infusions supercharge the body with all natural extracts.

The following super foods are strained down to just the mico-particles, and then added to the spring water:

Reign Fruit Infusion: Includes African Mango and Amla Berry Antioxidant Fruit Essences for a refreshingly light flavor.

Reign Awaken Infusion: Includes Coffee, Cacao and Cinnamon Essences for an Invigorating, Stimulant Free, Pick-me-up.

Whether you’re looking for a fitness infusion, a diet infusion. Whether you’re looking for more energy or to support overall health. Reign Infusions are your beverage of choice.

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