Beyond Organic Reign Water

Reign Supreme Mountain Spring Water originates from the pristine mountains of North Georgia surrounded by 130 certified organic acres. This clear blue spring is a renewable resource naturally free of contaminants and naturally purified by the geologic formation that it comes from. The supreme purity of Reign provides maximum hydration and utilization of the body’s most important resource, water.

Reign supreme mountain spring water is up to 20 times more pure than other leading brands, which makes it the ideal vehicle for nutrient transport and detoxification. Reign spring water contains the highest percentage of H2O and the lowest percentage of solids else making it the cornerstone for proper hydration.

Do you remember the Structured water from the Patient Heal Thyself Book? Springs of Life? I had an opportunity to ask Jordan, the other day, where we can find structured water, now that Springs of life is gone. He said that Reign water is what he was trying to accomplish with Springs of life, only it occurs naturally!

Jordan is all about the environment and sustainability. Reign is bottled in PGA Free biodegradable bottles!! In today's world of land fills and contaminants, I know that this is really important to me!

Hydration is the cornerstone for overall health and wellness, and in my opinion the best form of hydration comes in pure mountain spring water. But there is controversy, mineral water, spring water, distilled water, structured water. I believe pure spring water, reigns supreme. But first and foremost, what does water do for us? Water is a transportation system, bringing nutrients into the cells and other parts of the body and carrying waste out.

And the best source of water, which has the highest percentage of H2O and the lowest percentage of everything else. Introducing Reign Supreme Mountain Spring Water. Reign is born in the mountains of North Georgia as the clouds rain goes down the water seeps into the earth and is purified through the hydro geologic formations bubbling up for your good hydration.

Reign Supreme Mountain Spring Water is sustainable, up to 20 times more pure than other leading water brands and thousands of miles more sustainable than the water shipped from international shores across oceans, while Reign is produces in the United States. When looking for hydration, there’s only one answer, Reign, Supreme Mountain Spring Water.

Perhaps the most important feature or aspect of water—when it comes to defining its quality or benefit to those consuming it—is purity.

It is so important, in fact, that a majority of the water that people see in bottles on their grocery store shelves or gas stations has been purified. Meaning they have taken a source of water and then processed out the "impurities" or solids from the water. This is critical in understanding the difference between spring water and purified water. Spring water comes directly from the ground and is bottled without any purification process.

The key, is in finding a spring water that has purity levels similar to purified water, but without the additional processing or dependence upon municipal water from treatment facilities as the primary source. Jordan went looking for this water, and he found it in the North Georgia Mountains.

Supreme Mountain Spring Water Spring water has character. It is shaped by the path it runs and the rocks it flows over and around. No two springs yield the same water. Water doesn’t just sustain life, it is alive. Jordan had a very specific "type" of spring water he was looking for. As water flows through the ground and comes in contact with rock formations, one of two things can happen. Either it will pick up inorganic minerals from that rock or it won’t. What Jordan was looking for, what he indeed tested for, was the amount of inorganic minerals that were naturally occurring in spring water.

This is a simple test, known as a test for Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), which measures the milligrams per liter of inorganic materials in the water. The lower the number the lower the amount of inorganic minerals. It’s that simple. For instance, a sample of seven leading brands of bottled water found in grocery stores and health food stores, shows TDS ranging between 18 on the low end and 247 on the high end.

To be clear, many of these brands undergo a "purification" process. What Jordan was searching for was spring water that had a naturally low TDS. Jordan wanted a spring where he could take the water from the ground and send it directly to the bottle, with no process needed to "purify" the water. Simply put, he wanted water straight out of the ground that he would be willing to drink himself.

This begs a natural question. Why do you want water that is naturally low in inorganic minerals? Jordan believes there are two distinct reasons you should be drinking water with low TDS. The first deals with the purpose of water, the second with the inorganic minerals that come along with water that is high in TDS.

You can only live days without water, but do you know why? Water has two primary functions in the body, both of them dealing with transportation. Water carries nutrients to the cells and it carries waste out of the body. Everyone knows the chemical makeup of water—H2O. Your body requires two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen, in the form of water, to accomplish these tasks. What it doesn’t need in order to carry out its transportation duties are inorganic minerals. The higher the amount of inorganic minerals the less actual H2O is in your water!

TDS TESTING We tested Reign Supreme Mountain Spring Water against seven of the most popular bottle water brands in health food and grocery stores and restaurants. As you can see Reign’s purity reigns supreme.

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