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We feature health and wellness solutions designed to help minimize toxins and maximize nutrition—rejuvenating the body—from the inside, out.

Fermentation, long-used as a means of preserving and improving the vitality of food, turns out to be the perfect process for truly unlocking the full spectrum of benefits found in herbs.

Fermentation applied to herbs offers a far more inclusive approach than chemical, alcohol or heat extraction. Much like these harsh extraction methods, fermentation unlocks the active compounds in herbs—but that is where the similarity ends.

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Where chemical or heat extraction seeks to isolate, fermentation seeks to express, create and expand. With fermentation, not only are the active compounds of the herbs released, but a bevy of other nutrients are also enhanced or created. If you have to choose between an extracted herbal supplement with one active ingredient or a biologically expressed, fermented botanical that includes everything that particular herb can offer, the choice is obvious.

From Jordan Rubin:

....Slowly but surely, though, the hope offered by the germ theory morphed into an utter reliance on it. The idea that you could treat your body and your health with disinterest—that you could essentially ignore your terrain— is born of the germ theory. Fast forward a 150 years, and the results are clear. We are as unhealthy as we’ve ever been. The diseases of modern society are somewhat held at bay with pharmaceuticals. However, Americans live sicker and die younger than people of other high-income countries, according to a new study released by the National Research Council and Institute of Medicine.

As I mentioned before, when I first learned of the Terrain Theory, I immediately gravitated to it. My excitement was directly related to my own personal experience.

At the age of 19,my digestive and immune systems failed me. I now know that the root of my issue was a systemic breakdown in my terrain. What I found most interesting was this: after my initial diagnosis of Crohn’s colitis, a digestive health disease, I went on to suffer from more than a dozen seemingly unrelated health challenges. Once my terrain failed, my body was left open to predators—exactly as Antoine Bechamp predicted. To be clear, supporting your inner terrain isn’t a panacea for all health—just like relying solely on pharmaceuticals isn’t. Instead, supporting your inner terrain is the simplest, most logical first step to embracing true health. Not only is it common sense, I can personally attest to its importance.

As someone who has manufactured and sold nutritional supplements for over a decade, formulating a supplement that supports the terrain theory has intrigued me. Until now, I’ve never been able to find the right combination of science and ingredients to make that possible. Thankfully, today I am very proud to introduce Terrain Living Herbals.

Terrain living herbals will allow you to express Your health. They are the first and only living herbal supplements that simultaneously rebuild your body’s healthy flora while providing a full complement of herbal nutrition.

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