The Beyond Organic Daniel Diet

The Daniel Diet 10-day Transformation Pack, the EA Pulse and the Terrain Tonic are no longer available from Jordan.

The 10-day Daniel Diet, based on Daniel 1:12, combines healthy foods, pure water, prayer and fasting periods, providing you with a unique opportunity to truly transform your health.

"Please test your servants for 10 days, and let them give us pulse to eat and water to drink"


The next thing that Jordan was working gone was the Jump Start Diet. It is not the same as the Daniel Diet, and you still have to make much of your foods. However, if you want to read about the Jump Start Diet, click on the product below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Daniel Diet?
A. The Daniel Diet is a 10-day diet, based on the writings of the prophet Daniel that combines a biblical food, known as pulse, pure water, and daily prayer. Taken directly from the Bible, the Daniel Diet will help you lose weight and transform your health in just 10 short days. "Please test your servants for 10 days, and let them give us pulse to eat and water to drink. Then let our appearance be examined before you...Then at the end of the 10 days, their features appeared better and healthier than all the young men who ate a portion of the king's delicacies" –Daniel 1:12

Q. Can I exercise during the Daniel Diet?

A. Yes, but only exercise as you have energy to do so. We recommend light to moderate exercise during the Daniel Diet.

Q. Can I drink coffee and still participate?

A. We recommend avoiding caffeine, salt, added sweeteners etc. If you do happen to consume something that is not recommended on the Daniel Diet, you can certainly continue on the 10 day program and should still experience excellent results.

Q. What is pulse?
A. Pulse has been broadly defined in the Bible, but the basic definition is any plant that contains within itself the ability to grow a new plant when planted. Pulse comprises primarily fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and herbs. Historically, pulse was mixed together in served as one dish.

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