Ancient Nutrition Organic Lion's Mane Once Daily 30 Tablet

Ancient Nutrition Organic Lion's Mane Once Daily 30 Tablet - is made to bring you targeted support for mental clarity, hormonal health, immune system support and so much more. Help your body stay in balance so you can adapt to life’s stressors.
Ancient Nutrition Organic Lion's Mane Once Daily  30 Tablet
Organic Lion's Mane Once Daily 30 Tablet
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Fermented Lion’s Mane - Mental and Cognitive Performance Support

With a Full-Spectrum Fermented Lion’s Mane Blend, Fermented Warming Botanical Blend, Organic Ashwagandha Extract and an Organic Fermented Bitter Botanical Blend, Ancient Apothecary Fermented Lion’s Mane is specially formulated for mental and cognitive performance support.

What Sets Ancient Apothecary Mushrooms Apart?

  • Live Fermentation
  • Essential Oils Infusion
  • Organic Herbs & Spices
  • Warming Botanicals
  • Digestive Bitters

Ancient Apothecary Fermented Mushroom formulas are powered by fermentation—our own proprietary, patent-pending, dual-stage, live fermentation process.

What is fermentation and why is it important?

Fermentation is an ancient process used to break down food into more absorbable components. During the fermentation process, microorganisms use aerobic and anaerobic metabolism to convert food compounds into powerful metabolites.

Here are some key benefits of fermentation:

  • Fermentation pre-digests nutrients and beneficial compounds into more accessible and bioavailable forms.†
  • In some instances, fermentation can actually make certain foods more edible and more digestible, such as roots, leaves, nuts, tubers, seeds and grains.†
  • Fermentation can increase the presence of probiotics in the food.

Each Ancient Apothecary Mushroom formula is infused with Organic Essential Oils and CO2 extracts to provide lipo-soluble phytonutrients with powerful antioxidant properties.

The Power of Essential Oils: A Little Bit Goes a Long Way for Health

Essential oils are often referred to as the “life blood and immune system” of plants and trees. They are the concentrated oils of herbs, plants and trees—approximately 50 times more potent than the plants they come from!

For example, it takes approximately 3,000 lemons to make one kilo of lemon essential oil, while one 15mL bottom of lemon essential oil takes about 75 lemons! To go deeper, there are nearly 300 drops in a 15mL bottle, so 1 drop of lemon essential oil is made by using ¼ of a whole lemon!

Likewise, 150 pounds of lavender is necessary for just one pound of pure lavender essential oil, while one 15mL bottle of lavender oil requires 27 square feet of lavender plants. With approximately 300 drops of lavender oil in a 15mL bottle, one drop equals nearly .09 square feet of lavender plants.

For peppermint oil, one 15mL bottle requires approximately one pound of peppermint plants, and it takes 5,000 tons of rose petals to get one gallon of rose oil.

Of course, these are approximations, but you get the picture: there’s a whole lot of beneficial plant life in essential oils.

These precious oils can be distilled or extracted using CO2 and bottled, and when steam distilled, essential oils keep the “frequency” that they had when they resided in the plant.

Additionally, essential oils provide lipo-soluble fractions of plants. Since plants contain both water- and fat- soluble active compounds, we believe it important to consume a full spectrum of beneficial compounds. Fats and oils are required for the effective delivery of key antioxidant compounds.

Therefore, essential oils infused into herbal formulas can serve as a delivery system for these powerful botanicals.

Here’s the bottom line: Essential oils are some of Nature’s wonders, in that they serve to bring the body back into balance, thereby supporting overall health. In fact, they are extremely potent and can provide support for every bodily system.†  

That’s why you’ll find essential oils in each and every Ancient Apothecary Fermented Mushrooms.

The Importance of Organic Mushrooms and Herbs

It’s no secret that in conventionally grown foods, including mushrooms and herbs, farmers use a variety of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides synthetic fertilizers and many other \"processing agents' which often remain in and on the food or herbs. Even washing these foods or herbs can’t get many of these off the produce.

Why? Because nearly 20 percent of the 17,000 (or more) pesticides in use today are known as systemic pesticides—those which reside inside the plant via its root system and have permeated the plant. That’s means they’re everywhere within the plants themselves and can’t be washed off.

Many studies and reports point to the adverse health effects of these chemicals in and on our food, which is why many choose to go organic. That reason alone is enough to make going organic is all the rage these days. 

But another important benefit of organic food, including mushrooms and herbs, is that, because they’re grown organically, these plants are able to produce their own natural defenses against pests.

As a result, these plants are more resilient and defense-supporting by nature (literally) and have some of the very compounds and natural defenses that we can and often should include in our diet. For example, the resilient antioxidants and beneficial compounds found in plants are beneficial and even necessary for our bodies so that we can keep our own defenses strong.†

That’s why you’ll find these health-supporting organic mushrooms and herbs in each and every Ancient Apothecary Fermented Mushrooms.

PLUS, each Ancient Apothecary Mushroom formula contains an Organic Fermented Warming Botanical Blend of black pepper, ginger, long pepper and sprouted cumin to support healthy digestion, bioavailability of nutrients, healthy circulation, metabolism and overall energy.

In Ayurveda, black pepper, long pepper and ginger are used for supporting healthy digestion, circulation, nutrient assimilation and metabolism.† It is tied to the Sanskrit word trikatu, meaning three spices or three peppers. Trikatu is an Ayurvedic blend of the fruits of black pepper, long pepper and the rhizomes of ginger.

Each Ancient Apothecary Fermented Mushroom formula also contains an Organic Fermented Bitter Botanical Blend of milk thistle, dandelion and peppermint to support healthy digestion and liver function as well as bioavailability of nutrients.

Bitter botanicals or \"bitters\" are regarded for their ability to support healthy liver function, while also supporting healthy digestion and nutrient absorption.† Additionally, bitters can help support nervous system health and a healthy immune system as well as promoting healthy energy levels.†

By combining the benefits of organic fermented botanicals, whole organic herbs and spices, hot water herbal extracts and lipo-soluble fractions, Ancient Apothecary Fermented Mushroom formulas provide a full-spectrum infusion of the best that Nature has to offer!

Nutrition & Ingredients

Mushrooms for Mental and Cognitive Support

Mushrooms can offer many benefits to health, but newer research points towards certain mushrooms helping to support a healthy brain and more.† In fact, mushrooms such as Lion’s Mane, cordyceps,  and reishi show promise of supporting and boosting cognitive functions.†

Many of the positive effects associated with these brain-boosting mushrooms are found in their biochemicals called polysaccharides.

Polysaccharides are carbohydrate structures which produce a long chain of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen cells. What’s most interesting is that, nutritionally, polysaccharides are digested by and used by the body as potential energy sources, but have a low glycemic index.

Many mushrooms, such as Lion’s Mane, are being touted for their polysaccharide content, since they have been found to provide many benefits, including mental and cognitive support, boosting energy levels, supporting a healthy mood, boosting one’s immune defenses, healthy digestion, supporting cardiovascular health and liver health.†

The “Smart Mushroom”: Lion’s Mane Mushroom Benefits for Mental and Cognitive Performance Support, Healthy Weight and Immune Support PLUS Mind, Mood & Restful Sleep Support

Not quite plants and not quite animals, mushrooms are so unique that they have their own kingdom classification—fungi, which is separate from plants or animals. There are approximately 140,000 species of mushroom-forming fungi in the world, but science is familiar with only approximately 10%, while only 100 species or so are being studied for their potential health benefits.

And Lion’s Mane mushrooms (Hericium erinaceus) are great ones, especially for the mind, mood and more! †

That’s why it’s called the “smart” mushroom by many.

Lion’s mane mushroom has been used in traditional Chinese health protocols for thousands of years, and has an appearance unlike other mushrooms. It typically has teeth-like tiny icicles as its cap rather than a usual mushroom cap. Interestingly, with its reputation for boosting mind performance and mental positivity, Lion’s Mane also resembles a human brain.†

Lion’s mane has been said to deliver the “nerves of steel and the memory of a lion” to those who use it. In China, it’s called “monkey head mushroom,” while in Japan it’s called yamabushitake, meaning “mountain priest mushroom.” It’s named after the Yamabushi Buddhist monks who, according to legend, used Lion’s Mane to stay focused during meditation.

Lion’s mane is known for its cognitive-supporting qualities†, and so far there have been approximately 70 bioactive compounds discovered in lion’s mane—with varying purposes and benefits attached to them, including some that work by supporting the health of important brain chemicals. † For example, amycenone is a compound found in Lion’s Mane that may have a role in supporting a positive mental outlook and mood, restful sleep as well as overall brain health. †

Lion’s Mane is also shown to demonstrate strong effects on cognitive performance, including its positive effects on acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter associated with memory and learning.†

Lion’s Mane has been touted as nature’s gift to the nervous system, as the only mushroom possessing not one but two potent compounds—hericenones and erinacines—which have positive effects instrumental in mind and mood health.† It’s believed they’re able to cross the blood-brain barrier to work their mind-boosting and mood-boosting benefits.† Those qualities are big deals for brain health!

While a cognitive boost is considered one of the most significant benefits of Lion’s Mane, there are other benefits, including helping to manage a healthy weight, supporting cardiovascular health and cellular health.†

For weight benefits, Lion’s Mane mushrooms help to support healthy blood sugar levels, support for healthy weight management and more through their beta glucan polysaccharides content.†

Ancient Apothecary Fermented Lion’s Mane also contains ashwagandha in the form of Organic Ashwagandha Extract (Root and Leaf).

Ashwagandha is a well-known adaptogen, that can help keep the body resilient when it faces stressors.†

Fermented Lion’s Mane contains a clinically studied ashwagandha that is demonstrated to enhance focus and mental stamina; help support restful sleep; boost energy and reduce fatigue; assist in restoring and sustaining energy levels, and to enhance focus and mental stamina.†

In addition, this clinically studied ashwagandha ingredient can:

  • Reduce physical, emotional and mental stress†
  • Support healthy cardiovascular function†

Combined with the bioavailability-boosting, nutrient-absorbing, digestion-supporting, and healthy circulation, metabolism and energy benefits of the Organic Fermented Warming Botanical Blend PLUS the digestion- and liver-supporting and bioavailability-boosting benefits of the Organic Fermented Botanical Blend AND the power of clinically studied Ashwagandha, Ancient Apothecary Fermented Lion’s Mane can help mental and cognitive performance “roar.”†

To Use: Adults take 3 capsules daily with 8 ounces of water or your favorite beverage. May be taken with or without food. 

† Statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, but rather are dietary supplements intended solely for nutritional use.